Join the BWALA Revolution: From Insolvency to Security Token

1 July 2024

Invest in the Future of Bitcoin

We’ve tokenized ourselves. Join us in shaping the future of Bitcoin. Invest in BWALA tokens today and become more than just a user – become an owner. Enjoy the benefits of economic equality, influence the direction of the company, and be part of a community that’s driving innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Bitwala Comeback

In 2014, Bitwala was founded with the bold vision to integrate Bitcoin into everyday life. Rebranded to Nuri in 2020, the company grew to serve 200,000 customers with an annual revenue of €10 million. However, geopolitical crises (Invasion of Ukraine by Russia) and market disruptions (FTX, Celsius, Terra/Luna) in 2022 led to insolvency, shortly before obtaining a BaFin banking license. Undeterred, founders Jan and Dennis purchased the intellectual property and prepared for a relaunch, ready to revolutionize the Bitcoin ecosystem once more.  That launch is now.

The Vision and Mission of Bitwala

Since 2014, our mission has been clear: to fulfil Bitcoin’s promise as a revolutionary payment system. Our vision is to create Europe’s premier Bitcoin app, one that seamlessly integrates Bitcoin with Web3 while setting new standards for security and convenience. We believe in maintaining full control and ownership of funds without third-party reliance, ensuring that our users' values are at the core of our development, ultimately moving away from centralized services. It’s still a way to go, but we’re speeding!

Addressing User Pain Points

Bitcoin users face numerous challenges, from finding secure storage options to making quick and low-fee transactions. Many apps push users into leveraging, futures, options, shitcoins and staking. Bitwala is from Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners - Respecting a s Bitcoiner’s real needs by offering an ultra-secure, convenient app that allows them to buy, store, and spend Bitcoin all in one place, without upselling unnecessary services. You’re the customer - not the product. Now become an owner.

Building a Community of Owners

We believe that the democratization of services necessitates turning our customers into owners. We will ensure that token holders have a voice in the company's direction, helping shape a product perfectly suited to their needs. By purchasing BWALA tokens, you become part of this journey. 

Technological Innovations

The BWALA token, based on the ERC20 standard, offers transparency, tradability, and economic equality with shareholders. Our cutting-edge multi-party computation (MPC) wallet ensures both security and convenience, allowing for seedless self-custody. Additionally, we are integrating Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions to make transactions faster and cheaper, ensuring our users are not priced out of self-custody.

Germany and Beyond

Germany has always been our home, and we are looking forward to reintroducing our services here. Our strategic partnerships ensure compliance with German regulations, building trust and reliability. As we expand, we remain committed to providing the highest standards of service to our bitcoin-centric customers.

Fair Pricing and Economic Equality

We are democratizing the ownership of Bitwala by offering BWALA tokens at the same price as professional investors: 376€. This fair pricing strategy ensures that all users, from friends and family to VCs and retail investors, can participate equally in our growth. As a token holder, you’ll receive dividends, liquidation proceeds, and participate in exits, just like shareholders. In addition, we’ll sprinkle our early adopter “user-owners” with cool benefits every now and then.

The Road Ahead

Our roadmap includes exciting developments such as the launch of our savings plan feature, the reintroduction of our services in Germany, the rollout of our MPC wallet, and the support for Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions. These milestones will ensure that Bitwala continues to innovate and provide unparalleled value to our community.

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Risk note: Your investment in this product is subject to significant risk and may result in a complete loss of the assets invested.