Instant Deposits & Withdrawals in Euros, Bitcoin and Ether

19 February 2024

Within banking systems, delays are inherent when it comes to processing transactions. The reasons for delays are often a combination of operational, technical, and security measures.

Delayed deposits can hamper meeting payment obligations, timely execution of investment opportunities and disrupt overall financial planning. In our fast-paced world, such delays need to be updated.

The most established payment network in Europe is SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), an initiative that simplifies and standardises bank transfers denominated in euros across 36 European countries. SEPA transfers generally take 1 to 2 business days and are supported in all 27 EU member states and Switzerland, the UK, San Marino, Vatican City, Andorra, Monaco, and the three EEA countries of Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. However, when bank holidays come into play, you might experience a delay of up to 4 days for your funds to arrive. 

A revamped banking infrastructure and faster payment protocols address this issue, enabling instant euro transfers, and making real-time transactions a reality. A SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) only takes 10 seconds from initiation to deposit, representing a significant improvement over a standard SEPA transfer.

Revolutionising Finance: Crypto Transactions Offer Unprecedented Autonomy and Freedom

Compared to the conventional banking infrastructure, crypto transactions revolutionise money transfers by eliminating the necessity of intermediaries. Cryptocurrencies ensure transactions are not only fast and secure but also direct from peer to peer, providing users with greater control and efficiency.

Time is more than just money. We all understand the frustration of pending transactions. Rather than questioning 'Where is my money?' it should be ensured it's readily available when you need it most.

That's why we have built a gateway between the banking and the crypto world with the possibility to transact in real-time.

Leverage Real-Time Transactions with Bitwala

At Bitwala, you can harness real-time transactions 24/7 end-to-end, from fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat. You can buy and send or deposit and spend crypto within seconds.

Our mobile app lets you buy and sell bitcoin and ether instantly and provides a Euro Account with an individual virtual IBAN.

We enable you to deposit and withdraw Euros instantly using your Euro Account within the Bitwala app. Leverage real-time SEPA transfers with Bitwala to cash in or out from and to your bank account or our crypto-powered debit card.

Instant SEPA Deposits

To realise an instant deposit on your Euro Account, the bank you are transferring from must be a scheme participant or a provider using the underlying infrastructure of a bank listed here

Once you are verified with Bitwala, we will provide you with a virtual IBAN. Initiate an instant bank transfer from your bank account, and the money will be instantly credited to your Euro Account.  In a matter of seconds, you can buy bitcoin or ether and have your crypto funds at your disposal in your wallet

Instant SEPA Withdrawals

At Bitwala, all withdrawals under 100k EUR are first attempted via SEPA INSTANT and then retried via SEPA if the receiving bank does not support it. Deposit crypto in your Bitwala Vault or Wallet, and you can use instant conversions to euros for immediate withdrawal. Your funds will arrive in your bank account within seconds, ready for use.

Spend Crypto Instantly with Our Debit Card

Real-time transactions empower you to make time-sensitive investments and facilitate immediate spending with your crypto-powered debit card. Bitcoin or ether, in our crypto wallets, can be spent immediately without the need to trade them back into euros first.

Download our app and verify your Bitwala account to enjoy the advantages today.

Bitwala is available for residents from 29 countries of the European Economic Area.