Expanding Bitcoin Accessibility in Europe

15 November 2023

Bitwala has embarked on a mission to reintroduce its most cherished and frequently used features from the past—simple self-custody, trading, and card issuance—at a time when European regulations are stricter than ever. 

However, the goal is not to stop there, but also to surpass them by introducing upgraded offerings and new services that cater to the current needs.

Knowing someone's got your back allows you to sharpen your focus. Striga's core competencies and strengths lie in its mission to simplify the process of building FinTech solutions by removing bureaucratic obstacles. 

We connect our competencies with Striga at the intersection of traditional finance and the crypto infrastructure. Our partnership with Striga empowered us to efficiently manage complex regulatory obligations through their specialised APIs, allowing us to concentrate on delivering an enhanced, user-centric crypto-banking experience.

Today, our self-custody wallets (Vaults) offer global accessibility, while our trading services, bound by compliance, extend across 29 countries within the European Economic Area. Committed to economic inclusion and upholding our slogan 'Freedom of Transaction', our goal is to further enhance accessibility by reaching beyond borders.