The Future of Finance: Opinions on Centralisation, Decentralisation and CBDCs

19 December 2023

In an era rapidly embracing digital solutions, the debate surrounding the future of finance is more pertinent than ever. With Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) emerging, we turned to Social Media and industry events to ask what people think about these topics. This article presents an overview on the diverse insights, blending survey results with engaging opinions from professionals on the the Next Block Expo in Berlin.

Is the future of finance decentralised?
These are the results from our survey on LinkedIn and Twitter:

Following the digital trail, we posed the same question to attendees at the next Block Expo in Berlin. Their responses are captured in the following video.

The online surveys and in-person interviews reveals a diverse range of perspectives, highlighting the complexities and varied expectations surrounding the future of finance.

Are you concerned about your privacy and freedom regarding CBDCs?
These are the results from our survey on LinkedIn and Twitter:

To deepen our understanding, we again turned to the audience at the Next Block Expo, asking the attendees whether they consider the introduction fo CBDCs a positive or negative development. The video below captures these insightful and candid conversations.

Examining both survey data and real-world conversations provides us with insights into the landscape of opinions from both ordinary individuals and professionals alike. As CBDCs gain prominence, questions about their benefits, and concerns with regards to privacy must be addressed.

Exploring the potential of decentralised finance offers a hopeful path, introducing innovative solutions to cultivate a healthier and more inclusive financial environment for society.

We must ensure that as we innovate, we also uphold our core values. Let's embark on this journey thoughtfully, ensuring our advancements align with the principles that define us.